What Type of Blinds Should I Get for My Home in Queensland?

Choosing the right style of blinds can add stunning contemporary appeal to your home. Modern blinds, such as venetian, vertical or zipscreen blinds, planel gliders and roller blinds can complement a variety of different spaces in unique ways. In this post, Frank’s Home Décor Centre offers our top tips for selecting the right blinds for your Queensland home.

Aluminium or Timber Venetian Blinds

Classic venetian blinds are inexpensive, reliable and easy to install. They come in a large selection of colours and are available in powder coated aluminium or timber finishes. The timber finishes include:

  • Basswood
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Fashion Wood
  • Timbalook

Timber venetian blinds add natural warm tones to your home, whilst the aluminium blinds come in a wide selection of modern designer colours.

Venetian blinds feature adjustable horizontal blades that allow selective control over your privacy and the amount of sunlight in your home. They are suitable for sunny rooms and large entertaining spaces.

For outdoor use, plantation shutters can provide temperature and air regulating benefits. To learn more about plantation shutters, visit our store or give us a call today.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have the light control and privacy control benefits of venetian blinds in a vertical format. They are available in a variety of quality fabric colours and textures. Our vertical blinds can be manually operated. They are most suitable for floor to roof sized windows.

Zipscreen Blinds

Sized for your window, zipscreen blinds offer screening for your home and precise manual or motorised opening along an aluminium track. They are great for external verandahs, patio areas of your home and can be rolled down for privacy and shade.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple and robust window solution. They come in day/night sets that offer a blackout blind you can unfurl at night, and a sheer curtain that lets in diffused daylight.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are wide style vertical panel blinds that are suitable for floor to ceiling windows and houses with sliding French doors. The vertical panels can be slid across to allow openings for doorways.

To choose the right blinds for your home, visit Frank’s Home Décor Centre in Queensland or contact one of our team on 07 4124 4985.