What are the Benefits of a Security Screen Door in Queensland?

Your security door is one of the first things that a visitor sees when they visit your house. An attractive security door can enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as protect your home from unwanted intruders, assisted by your security screens and security windows. In this post, we discuss the best features of a security screen door from Frank’s Home Décor Centre and why you should get one for your home in Queensland.

Security with a Crimsafe Screen Door

A security door is your first defence against housebreakers. Our Crimsafe screen door features secure non-removeable hinges and strong aluminium frames. It is reinforced with stainless steel mesh that can’t be pried or slashed open. Install a security door to deter prospective housebreakers and it will provide you with long lasting security and durability for years to come.

Screen Doors Offer Privacy

Security screens offer privacy when your security door is open. They allow air to circulate from outdoors, whilst giving you the privacy of a mesh screen that provides concealment to passers-by on the street.

Screen Doors Offer Natural Light and Ventilation

A screen door can enhance the lighting in your home by allowing you to open your front door and let in more light and circulate air from outdoors. Light energises your living spaces and air ventilation helps to prevent stale or hot air from lingering in your home. Your security screen will ensure that no unwanted guests can enter whilst your front door is open.

Screen Doors Keep Out Insects

A security screen is a perfect defence against Australia’s most common flying and crawling nuisances, insects. Protect your household from flies, mosquitoes, and the crawling bugs, spiders and cockroaches that can slip in when you leave your doors wide open.

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