Essential Guide to Installing Security Screens in Hervey Bay

Looking to bolster your home security? Frank’s Home Décor Centre has you covered. We know how important it is to keep your home safe, which is why our guide to installing a Crimsafe screen door and security screens makes it easy to enhance your home’s security.

Understanding the Benefits of a Crimsafe Screen Door and Security Screens

Security screens and Crimsafe Screen Doors are sturdy barriers designed to protect your home from intruders while allowing airflow and maintaining visibility. As an authorised Crimsafe Licensee, Frank’s Home Décor Centre offers a diverse range of options tailored to Hervey Bay and surrounding areas.

Expert Installation Services

Your safety is our priority. Take advantage of our free measure and quote service to ensure precise installation of custom-built screens. Visit our showroom to explore different styles firsthand and consult with our experienced team for personalised advice.

Options for Every Need

Our security screens and doors protect against intruders while also keeping pests at bay. Choose from options such as fibreglass flyscreen mesh to impenetrable marine-grade stainless steel.

Installation Options

Ensure the security of your home with our diverse range of installation options.

  • Fibreglass Flyscreen Mesh
  • Sandfly Midge Fibreglass Mesh
  • Diamond Security Grills
  • Pet Proof Paw Mesh (designed to prevent pets from tearing the mesh)

Offering solutions ranging from fibreglass flyscreen mesh to pet-proof paw mesh designed to prevent pets from tearing the material, we have the perfect solution for your security needs.

Decoview Laser Cut Decorative Security Screens

Discover Decoview, an Australian company offering stunning decorative security doors with high levels of home security. Their patented clip-fit extrusion system is incredibly strong and lab-tested for Australian conditions. Featuring superior metal pre-treatment to minimise corrosion risk, Decoview offers both style and security.

Expert Security Solutions

We provide a comprehensive guide and a range of screen options to safeguard your home. Starting with an initial consultation and culminating in precise installation, our experienced team ensures that your security needs are met with the highest standards.

To benefit from personalised security solutions and expert guidance, contact us online or give us a call on 07 4124 4985. Entrust the protection of your home to Frank’s Home Décor Centre.